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Businesses generally know a diverse and inclusive workplace is good for business. Diversity creates a wide variety of outlooks and skills. Figuring out how to build a business that models diversity and inclusion can be challenging. With the right resolve, any business can become a welcoming place for workers across the spectrum.


Building an Inclusive Environment

Creating a culture of inclusivity is key to building a diverse and inclusive business. It is not enough to hire a diverse set of individuals. Businesses need to make sure that the workplace environment is welcoming for individuals with diverse backgrounds. This can mean keeping the workplace warmer for women, offering parental and caregiver leave and allowing days off for non-Christian holidays. These are just a few examples of easy changes businesses can make that can help show that the cultures of their employees are relevant to the company.


Positioning Those in Power

Not only do you need to hire people from a variety of demographics, but these people also need to occupy positions of power. For example, a business with primarily female entry-level workers but primarily men in managerial positions do not have a diverse and inclusive environment. Businesses should take stock of those in decision-making positions in the company and ensure that people of different demographics have representation. Additionally, companies should ensure that policies are in place that does not disfavor marginalized groups in determining promotions.


Examining and Tracking the Data

Businesses can only build a diverse and inclusive environment by knowing about the problem at hand. Taking an inventory of the workforce and policies creates data that companies can use to monitor their progress. Tracking demographic trends in retention rates, promotion, and pay, in addition to hires, can serve as indicators at one level. Comparing the data to industry trends and demographics of degree holders in the field can provide insight into the diversity at a company. Anonymous employee surveys can help companies determine the degree of integration and inclusiveness in the workplace.


It is a financial win for businesses when there is an array of diverse employees. Integrating the way different people live their lives into the ethos of the company allows businesses to retain those employees and create an inclusive culture that benefits all.