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Chad Kagen is a successful principal founder, entrepreneur, and finance expert based out of Washington, D.C. He possesses over ten years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, and finance, and has played a critical role in some of the decade’s most revolutionary investment projects. 

An accomplished entrepreneur, Chad has been a principal founder and co-founded numerous successful companies, such as Obsidian Capital Group, a technology-driven quantitative management firm with a proprietary trading group headquartered inside the Chicago Board of Trade; Vertu Equity, a proprietary trading firm focused on algorithmic and high-frequency trading strategies; Magic Worx, an advisory and media finance company working with major motion pictures, indie films, and episodic entertainment; and Kagen Interests, an investment company specializing in financial derivatives, class A commercial real estate, information technology, entertainment, and green technology. 

Chad Kagen’s companies have consistently revolutionized traditional processes within the finance industry, approaching problems with innovation and a fresh perspective. At Obsidian Capital Group, his team employed quantitative trading, using data accessed from their petabyte-scale data warehouse to assess various statistical probabilities for the direction of pricing commodity futures in any given market. Their algorithms, based on data that extended as far back as the 1700s, allowed them to produce exceptional returns for their investors.

Chad believes Obsidian Capital Group’s approach was responsible for setting the company apart from their competitors. They were scientists and mathematicians; they didn’t necessarily feel as emotional as the average person would about trading the global markets because they were a different kind of breed, deferring to models and scientific methods to outperform in the markets. 

His entrepreneurial pursuits have taken him all over the world where he has fostered a myriad of connections with some of the most influential people in cities like New York, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Philadelphia, London, Pembrokshire, Stockholm, Berlin, and Mykonos. Chad Kagen also brought his financial expertise into a variety of industries, including entertainment and real estate. 

He was the Principal Founder at Magic Worx Partners, a global media firm that serviced creative projects such as film, music, television, and publishing. It provided a one-stop shop for producers, studios, content creators, and sales agents searching for financing solutions and production partners. Chad was able to gather some of the most brilliant minds in publishing, finance, transmedia, and the legal industry under the umbrella of Magix Worx Partners, subsequently offering the most exceptional investments in the world of entertainment.

As the Founder of Hyperion Development, one of Chad’s most prestigious real estate development projects to date was the planned renovation of a 2.5 million square foot area that encompassed a Philadelphia landmark, the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News Building. He was also in the process of creating the world’s largest parking garage, which would feature 30 lifts for 4,000 vehicles. His vision was to elevate the luxury living in the historic city, complete with upscale dining and entertainment, while turning the landmark into a solar-powered, certified LEED Platinum Energy building. Unfortunately, the timing was ill-fated. 

Despite the promise and excitement surrounding the renovation, his vision never materialized. However, the project serves as a reference point to Chad’s innovation, creativity, and eye for design. The plans and proposal laid out would have changed the city of Philadelphia, making it a mecca for upscale living.

Currently, Chad Kagen is in the process of building three revolutionary platforms that will reshape the traditional investment process. Focused on different markets, one platform will focus on real estate financing, another on transmedia financing in the entertainment industry, and the third will specialize in venture capital, private equity, and finance. 

Chad, who began his career as a financial analyst at Blackstone, loves entrepreneurship and the challenges it presents, but he is especially appreciative of being in a position to help others and has been recognized for his generosity. He once said, “If you’re moderately successful, you can make something of your life. If you’re really successful, you’ll make something of someone else’s,” and has, since then, taken that sentence to heart. Chad Kagen is a dedicated philanthropist with ties to organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund and the Human Rights Organization. 

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